A Technical Explanation of Mechanical Seperation

Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds
Give me more Diamonds!
Solventless diamonds have SOARING in popularity and potency, and lucky for us, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out!
Just like diamonds from the earth, A combination of heat and pressure is used to form these little solventless beauties and some have even taken their faceted nature to a whole new level
Mechanically Seperated THC-a shaped into “honeycomb” – PhotoCred - @rhodyrosin
The Definition of Mechanical Seperation is defined as “a group of operations whereby the components of a mixture are separated my mechanical methods into two or more fractions of different characteristics” – Or simply put, When two or more parts of a single substance are separated from one another.
When it comes to Mechanically Separating THC-a, those processes don’t include much more than Heat and pressure as mentioned above, two things our Sasquash Rosin press has no issue providing.
I took the time to review a popular video on YouTube from a Hash Artist who goes by @indica.only on IG. As a proponent of growing the industry and sharing knowledge, he elaborates and gives us a step by step of the Mechanical Separation process using our M1 rosin press.
If you’ve wanted to know what it takes to create clean, clear, solventless THC-a, keep reading.. You may be surprised at how simple the process really is. – NOTE: SIMPLE doesn’t necessarily mean EASY
REMEMBER NOT ALL STRAINS CONTAIN THE SAME AMOUNT OF THC-A – some trial and error may be required to find which strains work best.
First he recommends you start with a A 25 Micron Screen for this process – He Prefers the bags provided by Rosin Evolution
 Though he reccommends the use of a 25 micron bag in the video, He now reccommends a 15 Micron for a more consistent result
For more on Micron Screens Be sure to check out THIS BLOG here!
Your starting material is important, and must have a decent amount of THC-a to begin with.
He uses some “BUDDERED” Pink Kush rosin, that he previously collected. Pay attention to that texture
The first step he shares is to put the rosin into his 25* Micron Filter bag, then gets it nice and flat , before placing it between the parchment which he has set up on his plates.
He recommends an initial temperature of 100F degrees (be sure to have your plates pre-heated before starting the process) for a total of 10 minutes, Using hardly ANY PRESSURE AT ALL, he proceeds to SLOWLY and CAREFULLY bring the plates down to essentially rest on the bag. From here he starts his timer. At about 5 minutes you’ll notice the bag start to soak with terps. – at this point BARELY and I mean BARELY apply a bit more pressure, too much pressure and the Rosin will come through the bag. If your bag resembles the image below, You’re on the right track
Once the first ten minutes has been accomplished, Simply collect your terps as you may, and replace the now lightly pressed “puck” into some fresh parchement. We will now put the rosin back between the plates, at a slightly HIGHER temp of 120F with slightly more starting pressure this time around. Once the plates are snug, but not too tight! (this can take some practice) we start our timer for another 10 minutes resulting in more terps rolling out
NOTE: By upping the temps and pressure just a tad, this allows us to bleed more terpenes from the bag along with other cannabinoids that have a lower melting point. Keep in mind, THC-a has a very high melting point closer to 300F, that’s how the THC-a is able to stay behind unmelted in the bag, while the terps and other cannabinoids, slowly ooze out
For a third time he replaces the puck onto some clean parchment for another 10 minutes. At this point  the THC-a has started group together which will require us to use a lot more pressure than the last 20 minutes – You’ll also notice that any saturation of the bag is starting to decrease. From here its business as usual. Bring the plates down at a controlled rate, this time with a tighter starting pressure at 120F , and begin your 10 minute count down.
And FINALLY our last set of 10 minutes Is here. Replace your parchment, Place your rosin puck in between and bring your plates down. Pressure this time will be a lot more than the previous 3 presses. That’s due to the fact that most if not all the terps have been pressed out at this point. You will find yourself using about 2000 lbs (2000 PSI) of pressure (readable on your pressure gauge) for this last press
The time for your reveal is here!
Once you’ve completed the previous steps, all that left in your micron bag should be solid white chunks of glorious, clean THC-a -
NOTE: If you happen to notice a darker hue, or coloration on your finished product, You’ll simply place said fragments into a fresh 25 micron bag, and proceed to press out the terps, for up to another 10 minutes, this time keeping you eye on it. This final press could take less time, so be vigilant
Now kind of like Curing your Hash or Flower rosin, You will need to take an extra step and melt down the THC-a in order to give it a clear look. In this step we will break up the chunks we’ve just collected and get them in a nice pile on our plates.
Smaller is better for this step,  as this will evenly and quickly distribute the heat between your fragments, In this example he brings his plates to a hot 260F – more than twice as hot as before. Then proceeds to poke and pop any bubbles that will form in the melting of your crystals.
As time passes and the THC-a forms itself into a uniform pile, Briefly remove the pile, Let it cool and flip it over and continue the melting process, Until you reach your desired results. In the end it should look something like this:
Be sure to check out his youtube channel HERE for a visual walk through of the steps illustrated above and be sure to follow him on IG for exclusive content and tech notes!
Thanks for checkin out the blog, COMMENT below with what you liked best, and also with what topics YOU would like to see us blog about!
And keep SQUASHIN your goals!
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