Is Solventless Superior?

Is Solvent-less Superior?
                Extraction…It’s definitely a modern form of Alchemy. Some extractors even consider the cannabis flower as its “Raw” and “Unrefined” state, making the comparison to grapes and fine wines. The only art form that allows you to take a green plant, straight from the earth, and miraculously melt it down to a gorgeous golden oil – but how you extract this “nectar of the gods” needs to be considered.
                By now you may have heard of, seen, and probably even dabbed BHO (Most popularly in the form of shatter, crumble, or badder) and even though the effects may appear to be beneficial, it can actually have some potentially fatal health risks. Solvents like Butane and Propane are the most commonly used chemicals – or solvents – used in extracting THC. Both gasses are highly flammable, (not to mention, at fault, for some horrendous kitchen fires/lab explosions) and inhaling such solvents are proven cancerous for the end user. No matter how close to 0 PPM – or Parts per million –a batch of  BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is, a truly solventless experience can never be reached- meaning breaths of butane for the whole squad. Be sure to think twice about how your oil was extracted, as ANYTHING from an unreliable source is liable to have potentially unsafe levels of butane. (…lets be real, inhaling ANY amount of butane is unsafe).
                But what about CO2 extraction? That shi- I mean, stuff’s natural right?
Well, Inhaling CO2 definitely isn’t good, and should be avoided if at all possible. CO2 also has chemical properties that bind to the toxins and chemicals found in many insecticides, and fungicides. Simply put, If the plant used for extraction, was treated with insecticides or fungicides of any sort, there will be concentrated levels of those SAME chemicals inside your oil. Unless you’re growing, and extracting your own, it could be very tricky to know how much of what chemical is left behind for you to inhale. Even with the BEST BHO and CO2 extraction equipment available on the market today, they’re essentially still leaving behind “acceptable” levels of poison and aren’t accessible to just anyone, leading a lot of the extracts available on the market today to be sub-par and just plain bad for your health. – But how can we avoid these risks?
-Enter Rosin stage left-
                Lucky for us, Extracting THC doesn’t have to be so risky, in fact, solvent-less extraction can be pretty simple with the right tools. All it takes is Heat, Pressure, and Good Material (Flower or Hash). With a little know how and execution, anyone can produce TOP QUALITY extracts without running the risk of inhaling carcinogenic gasses or horrendous lab fires. Not to mention accessible to everyone.
We here at Sasquash take pride in providing you with the industry’s BEST tools to MAXIMIZE your yields and INCREASE your extraction experience. Not only does solvent-less extraction provide a cleaner end result for your lungs, its also CLEANER FOR THE EARTH with little or no waste left behind.
                Now of course there are still some factors you need to consider when ingesting solvent-less extracts as well, that being the care of the actual plant itself. Even though Rosin won’t have any trace elements of noxious gas, you still need be weary of any pests, fungi, pesticides, or fungicides the plant may have been treated with, especially with flower rosin – this is when you press the raw flower to extract the oil, since anything that is ON the bud will essentially be “juiced” out – as opposed to Hash rosin or “live” rosin – which has the added step of sifting or “washing”  (using Ice and water) the trichome heads from the actual plant material, though will have notable less, could still carry undesirables left behind from less than optimal care.
                Solvent-less extracts are quickly changing the landscape of the cannabis industry and are sweeping the scene by storm, elevating the smoking experience to the next level of quality. Pressing rosin is no longer just a method of extraction, but briskly becoming an art form in itself. Remember, Ultimately the choice of what goes into your body is up to you, but keep some of these important factors in mind when deciding what that will be.
Contact us Any time for your extraction needs, and we will be more than happy to set you up for Success with the best tools in the industry.
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