Pump On This - Your Guide to the Perfect Pump

Which Pump Best suits YOUR needs?
                So, you’ve decided on which press to purchase! Congratulations! Decisions are where the magic happens!
                But you still need to decide which pump to get…Have no fear, Sasquash Is here to make that decision a breeze.
                You may have noticed that there are several different options of pumps available for our press, this brief overview will help make your choice an easy one, not sure where to start?
                Let’s consider your workspace and workflow as well as the material you will be working with. We allow you to custom build your package to suit your individual needs.
Let’s start with the Manual Hand pump: 
                If you’re working with Hash or Sift, or small batch flower pressing (4g – 7g), the hand pump is for you. The plates are in sync with the pump, and It provides you with the most control over your plates, as you lower the lever, the plates are driven down. When pressing Hash/full melt/sift, you can almost feel the oil being melting as it oozes from the material inside the micron bag.
By having such precision control of your press, it helps to eliminate the most common problem of applying too much pressure too fast, resulting in blow outs – or, when your bag tears and reintroduces your material into your rosin, this essentially ruins your yield.
                The Manual Hand pump is IDEAL for those who need a silent workspace when operating their press, -- air compressors can get noisy and require maintenance throughout the life of the unit.  By getting a hand pump it keeps your workspace clean and can be easily taken with you/broken down.
                But if you’re working with more than 7 grams of flower, and/or plan to be working with your press for a few hours at a time, per session, the pneumatic foot pedal may be best. 
The biggest reason for this is due to the fact, that flower requires a lot more pressure to yield than Hash/Sift, meaning a lot more pumping if you do go the manual route. The Foot pump is pressure sensitive so the more pressure you apply to top of it, the faster the plates will go down. Its always best, once the plates are touching your material, to slowly increase your pressure one “click” at a time until you’ve reached, you’re desired PSI, or your oil stops flowing.
                There is another option though, more like the foot pedal, the electric pump delivers a no manual labor experience and doesn’t require an air compressor, even better, its super quiet. So, all that loud clicking and hissing you hear when working with an air compressor is nonexistent.
  Not Cheap, and costs around 1850$ - but will be the best for you if you plan on working in a quiet workspace and pressing out Flower for long durations of time. - Plugs directly into the wall and requires no additional accessories to use
We understand certain physical handicaps may also prevent someone to not be able to use certain styles of the pumps we offer-- DON’T SWEAT IT! -- We are here to help make the process smooth, And are loaded with TONS of awesome info, tips and tricks to ensure you’re successful regardless of the pump you choose! Just let us know, we are always happy to custom build a package JUST FOR YOU
To sum it up briefly:
  • If working with Hash regardless of the amount, or small batch flower – The Hand Pump is Perfect (650$)
  • Pressing flower at a commercial level and don’t mind a little noise? or Just can’t use the Hand pump? – The Foot Pump is Ideal (550$)
  • If your pressing flower or hash at a commercial level but want a low maintenance, no noise experience? – you’ll LOVE what the ELECTRIC PUMP has to offer (1850$)
Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us at strorderinfo@gmail.com or find us on Instagram - @sasquashrosinpress, you can even call us at 951.388.7735 and we would be happy to answer them, and as always feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what you think, or if you have a tip you’d like to share!


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  • Aaron Berkowitz

    Can’t wait for the next batch!

    I am pretty… Pumped to get one

  • Richard Allen Noble

    I’ve ordered a M1 Sasquash last week. I am SOOO excited I can’t friggin wait to receive it. Can you please shed some light onto what’s exactly is in the Box ???? Does it come with Rosin bags to get you started ? does it have a compressor connection line ? Oh I’ve got a suggestion, have been thinking about how to say this , without hurting someone’s feelings. Can you please lose the ape in the Video is looks so immature and actually quite silly. I’m not sure who your marketing person is but maybe it time to hire a real marketing Person who will promote your company the way it should be presented.
    A Straightforward informative video or a series of videos, showing all of your product line in operation, Inuse pressing stuff or unboxing your products and showing them in use , actually pressing flower or sift? , to someone like me, who basically bought your press sight unseen , no demo ,no real explanation as to its superior features, I bought it on reputation , but I guarantee other people won’t be like me ? so if you want to increase sales and sell many more units please put some money and efforts in your advertising…. Please its really lame for such an INCREDIBLE PRODUCT , your current advertising does not accurately reflect the excellent product that you guys have created ! Sorry got off on a wild tangent? In conclusion , I ask where am I supposed to find out how to use my New M1 without instructional video or someone who can perform demo presses, for me to wittness?

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