Rosin 101

                           Crash Course on Rosin
     As the demand for availability of clean meds rises, the popularity of rosin has also climbed.
    It was once that people would rely on pressing or processing flower for the best quality extracts. But lately, the market has elevated to wanting a “higher” quality, more refined product. Thus leading to the rise of HASH rosin.
      Collection methods of resins/kief and washing techniques can range from one “Hash-Artist” to another, but there is no denying that Hash Rosin seems to be the next big thing in Pressing Rosin.
     By stripping away the resins from the plant matter itself, it allows for the pressed oil to be, virtually, free from plant matter, which ultimately leads to a cleaner, tastier, more potent product than just pressing the flower itself. It can also prevent ingesting any foreign contaminents since the hash is washed through Micron screens which in some cases are so small, not even a blood cell could squeeze through.
     Since our presses use heat and pressure to extract the oils from the plant, the care and quality of the flower during the growing process is crucial, particularly to rosin. If the plant had fallen victim of pests or pesticide sprays, those elements could still be present on the buds themselves and would then be secreted through the oil. Pesti Dabs anyone?
     So be sure, if you do press, or smoke rosin, that you are aware of the quality of the flower going into the process, in order to understand what the finished product may be. Remember not all strains (OR EVEN PHENOTYPE'S OF THE SAME STRAIN) are created equal, so don’t be put off if one strain or plant presses a lighter color than another, or doesn’t yield (express as much) as much as another. 
*Check this blog out for more info on how to maximize your yield* 
      Its fair to say, the higher the THC content in the plant, the more rosin you will be left with. For example, (not always but it’s a good rule of thumb) If you press a plant that has been tested at 25% THC, you should expect about a 25% return from that flower. (3.5g of flower would produce about .9g of rosin: 3.5 x 25% = .87). If you’re ever curious if the plant will yield, it may be beneficial to know if it’s a high THC strain.
      When it comes to extracts, Our Sasquash Rosin press combines the best quality parts, with American Made machinery to provide you with the smoothest, most reliable press on the market that takes the worry out of whether or not the press is truly SQUASHING every bit of oil from the Flower or Hash. You’ll be able to focus on your craft, and continue on your path to producing top quality SOLVENTLESS product.
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