The 4 "Must Haves" for Solventless Success

The “Must Haves” for Solventless Success
What does it take to be successful in this rapidly evolving Solventless Landscape?
The Answer is SIMPLE! By equipping yourself with these 4 things we’ve listed, You’re sure to set yourself up for success.
1. Quality Material
As you may have heard before, it all starts with the quality of the material you plan on pressing.
Rosin truly is the purest form of extract, giving you a true representation of the material you’re working with, Unlike other forms of extraction that can turn the crudest of material to look like the material used is better than it was to begin with.
As always  its recommended to start with Fresh, Dried material. This goes for both hash, and flower. Be sure to store your material properly by keeping it away from the exposure of too much light and oxygen, BOTH of which quickly degrade the color, and quality of your trichome heads.
Keep in mind that not all cultivars, or strains will produce equally. It is important to team up with a farmer who knows how concentrate more on the resin production of their crop, rather than focusing on how much total weight can be produced. By focusing more on resin production, the final product will tend to be of a greater yield when Squashed since there is more resin to be pressed from the material, resulting in both, higher quality and quantity of Rosin produced. 
 2. Quality Equipment
When working with Solventless extraction, its IMPERATIVE that you are able to achieve the necessary heat and pressure levels required to yield the greatest possible return. If your short on either (heat or pressure) your overall result will lack in volume and overall quality for two main reasons:
  • If you dont get enough heat generated at the surface area your squashin’ on, you wont be able to “melt” off much more than terpenes. Which can hold their value, but aren’t totally effective on their own.
  • If pressure is lacking, you wont be able to adequately SQUEEZE all the rosin from your material, leaving oil behind in the process, ultimately wasting your material, and more importantly YOUR TIME
Be sure to consider how your press is operated and if it gives you enough control over the results, Just as not all cultivars, or strains are created equal, That goes the same for your rosin press


For more details on what temps and pressure to aim for, Be sure to read our previous blog titled – “Are you getting the most from every Squish”

 3. Quality Bags
Whether your pressing at a personal or commercial level, We highly suggest the use of HIGH QUALITY micron screen bags. This will ensure that the rosin produced has virtually 0% plant material left over. By using a quality nylon mesh bag, you position yourself for a higher rate of success. Sometimes if the Bags used are cheap, or made with low quality Nylon or fibers, they can rip, or tear. This will cause whatever material you are working with to leech right back into your rosin, wasting a lot of time and a lot of material, You only have one chance to do things right the first time. Don’t let something as simple as a cheap bag ruin your experience.
And last but certainly not least
 4.  The Hidden Key - A Passionate & Solid Team
As we can see here, the formula for success is quite simple…But definitely not easy.
be sure to have a heap of PASSION in your back pocket,  It could take YEARS to build a team of like minded people around you. Focus on building authentic relationships and aim to add value to those you want to work with. The network and team of people you choose to work with is ultimately what separates the GOOD from the GREAT!
Drop a comment below and let us know what YOU think, or what you would like to read about in our next blog
And as always, never hesitate to call us up at 951.388.7735 for anything you may need
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