'Squash Hunting - Picking the Perfect Press

Picking the Perfect Press
Can you feel it? That wave of excitement? It feels like a rollercoaster..*click* *click* *click* -  approaching its highest point. That feeling you get as you look down, over the edge, only to see that you are hundreds of feet in the air! And its at that point you realize. Its now, or never.
Then one last - *CLICK* and WOOOSHHHH! Down you go! Your Adrenaline starts to surge, your heart begins to race! Maybe your palms even begin to sweat a little.
Know the feeling?
Kind of like buying your first car, some people get the same rush when it comes to purchasing a new Sasquash Rosin Press
When it comes to picking the perfect package for you, think about WHY you want to start pressing to begin with, and WHAT you plan on using the press for, whether its for personal or commercial use, as well as the type of material you
intend on “Squashing” whether it be Flower Buds, Hash, or both?
Consider the amount of rosin you need to produce and how much pressure you’ll need to get there. Remember Flower Buds and Hash/Sift will take WIDELY different levels of pressure to start yielding
*For more information on temps and pressures refer to the blog “Are you getting the most from every Squash”
Here at Sasquash we design our presses with versatility and longevity in mind, built to “Squash” varying levels of flower AND hash, ranging from 5 tons up to a REVOLUTIONARY 200 TONS OF SQUASHING POWER – but how do you know how many tons you’ll need, and what’s just plain over kill?
Here’s some general info about Tonnage that could make it a lot easier to decide how much pressure YOU’LL need to be successful:
  • 2-5 Tons – Perfect for pressing between 2-7 grams of buds, or 5-14 grams of Hash or Sift
A Hand Pump would be plenty for this type of work load 
  •  10 Tons – Perfect for pressing between 7-14 grams of buds, or a max of 20 grams Hash or Sift – 10 Tons is the MAX you’ll need for Hash or Sift, as it doesn’t take much pressure to get your Hash to “start sweatin’” -
Hand Pump or Pneumatic Foot Pump would be best for this set- up 
  • 15 – 25 Tons+ – Best suited for LARGER Flower and Hash pressing operations and typically paired with “oversized” plates – these are prefect for pressing between 28 – 56 grams+ of flowers Or Hash in a single Squash
A Pneumatic Foot Pump or Electric Pump would be best for this type of application - Though a Hand pump could work if pressing Hash exclusively
    For more information on which pump is best suited for your work environment and work flow, check out this blog
    Bottom line: Think about what starting material your squashing, and how fast you need to produce, and as always --  NEVER hesitate to reach out and ask us ANYTIME about which press would best suit your needs
    We don’t believe in flooding you with more than you will need to succeed. It’s one of the reasons we are constantly recognized as the best in the industry.
    Regardless of where you fall into the spectrum, be realistic with where you are in your journey and never feel bad asking us questions.
    Let the team here at Sasquash point you in the right direction and set you up with the tools you need to be successful!
    Call us any time at 951.388.7735 or shoot us an email to strorderinfo@gmail.com
    Or you can find us on Instagram: @sasquash_rosinpress
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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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