Streamlining your Squash Sessions – A guide to Express Success

A wise man once said, “Give me 6 hours to cut down a tree, I’ll spend 4 hours sharpening my Axe”
Can you guess who that was?
It was Abe Lincoln!
and if I could put money on it, I’d say he’d own a Sasquash! - and if he did! - he too would understand how important STREAMLINING your workspace (sharpening your axe) would be to a having a successful Squashing Experience.
When it comes to our work, WORKFLOW is VITAL, we need to find a place where our FOCUS and EXECUTION collide in order to produce the results we are looking for. Therefore, we suggest a smooth STREAMLINED workspace to help you stay efficient.
Keep in mind if your pressing at a personal level, some of these tips may not be as useful to you,  since it only takes a few moments to pack a bag for a personal press, but as you scale up In your solventless production, every second counts, and you don’t want to be caught packing every bag for every press, as your pressing – that’ll get tedious, and quick!
Lets get the list of items we need here first.
  • Flower or hash – and probably a container to break up the herb into
  • Micron Bags – we LOVE our 35u (for more info on microns click here)
  • Parchment paper – Be sure its silicon not Quilon coated. And can handle max temps of at least 300F – there are different brands out there and urge you to do what works best for you. is a great resource as well as
  • Well Heated Press – Be sure you give your press enough time to warm up
  • Note: you can use the time it takes for the press to warm up to prepare a good amount of bags and parchment to have ready by the time its time to SQUASH!
Packing your bags
To be sure you are working like a well-oiled machine, start by packing your bags with your hash or flower. You’d be wise to pack as many bags as you can before proceeding to the next step, when packing your bags, be sure they are packed nice and tight, and the corners are filled in as well, this will help to maximize your return! Once packed, your bags should be placed in a large Ziplock bag and stored in the refrigerator for safe keeping until your next session. The cool temperature and dark environment will keep your material fresh and ready for Squashin’
Bags packed with Hash, ready to Squash 
Photo Credit: @northbestconnect
For more info on Micron Bags check out this Blog Here!
Crucial to the process is your parchment paper. Usually Purchasing a roll is your best bet, its highly effective and gives you the biggest bang for your buck, but does require you properly size, tear, cut and fold your parchment paper in order to get it to fit on your plates. Once you get the hang of it, this process only takes maybe 5-10 seconds for each piece of parchment, but when pressing at a commercial scale, every second counts. If you want to shave even MORE time off of the process, There are some companies such as Rosin Evolution that offer PRE FOLDED and PRE SIZED parchment paper that saves you TONS of time over the course of your Squashing career, costs a bit more, But TIME IS PRICELESS
Pre Folded Parchment Paper
photo credit: Rosin Evolution
There’s no particular order whether to fold your parchment or pack your bags first, but you’ll quickly find what works for you, and THAT is what MATTERS MOST.
                When it comes to pressing commercially, Most of us are looking for the most efficient process possible, especially when it comes to business. Time IS money! This is why streamlining is so important - it not only saves you the headache of setting up and prepping Every. Single. Time. – But will ultimately keep you focused on your craft, resulting in better rosin and a more enjoyable experience all around.
For more information on how to SQUASH the competition refer to the rest of our blog, drop an email, or give us a call! We are always happy to help!


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