The Quandary of Quality

The Quandary of Quality
Let’s get one thing straight. You can’t fool a rosin press
 Quality in Quality out – that’s the name of the game... sounds simple enough... But the process and time it takes to make trustworthy and reliable connections? Now that’s no easy feat.
When it comes to exceptional rosin there are 4 CRUCIAL elements that need to work in tune with one another, and it all starts with:
  Seed breeders can take years perfecting the perfect phenotype of a strain. Meaning generation after generation, breeders are hand selecting the plants with the most desirable features to take with them into future grows. This helps to refine that flower towards a specific target – Taste, Smell, nug formation, etc. – which all have a part in the over all experience.
Hand Selected Seeds
(Photo Credit: @potbellyseeds)
  Once a line of genetics has been established, its up to the passion and technique of the grower to be able to properly grow the flower to its full potential. Without a good grower, amazing genetics would mean nothing – but even a GREAT grower can’t make bad plant genetics into something EXCEPTIONAL.
Photo Credit: @potbellyseeds
NOTE: Not all growers are considered equal – and we mean that. Some grow for weight, others grow for resins, and if you plan on washing hash to get that next level rosin, you need to consider the product your washing to see if its worth the time, effort, and supplies it takes to wash a proper batch of hash. A grower with no passion is just a weed whacker.
 Behind every great head of hash is an exceptional flower waiting to be recognized. None of this would be possible if the flower itself didn’t produce enough resin heads to make quality hash. Some heads are just too small and not worth the wash to put it plainly. If you notice an abundance of trichome heads glistening back at you, it’s a good indicator that the hash produced should be to the quality you are looking for. It may take a few runs and shaking a few hands before you are able to find the source you’re looking for. 
A trichome covered Top Nug
(Photo Credit: @potbellyseeds)
Freeze Dried Bubble Hash
(Photo Credit: @planet_hash)
   More and more today the Washer and the Squasher are one in the same, mostly due to the fact that the equipment for a solventless project is quite affordable and takes up a lot less space than traditional extraction methods. Users can get started for under 6k$ for everything you need! But in some cases, owning a Sasquash can position YOU to be that missing piece to a very lucrative puzzle.
Bubble Hash Being Pressed Into Glass Dish
(Photo Credit: @spiritextracts)
As you can see, like one big Hashy Circle of Life, one part cannot advance without the other, and in the world of solventless extraction, Your hash is only as good as your weakest link! So be sure your striving to surround yourself with passionate people who are constantly testing their capabilities, Not just in the Hash game…BUT OVERALL IN LIFE!
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