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Sasquash 50 ton Rosin press ( Pictures coming soon)

Regular price $ 5,000.00
NOTE: PRICE IS THE DEPOSIT PRE ORDER PRICE. PRICE WILL VARY BETWEEN 13,000$-15,000$  Balance will be due upon shipment. Please call for more info! 
50 TON press - It ideal for those who need to step up production to keep up with demand and keep up with the fast growing industry.
  • 50 Ton Hydraulic Ram  (100,000 Pounds Of Pressure)
  •  Custom Welded Frame - built to last a life time using US Steel
  • Smart PLC - Quickly Store and Set Pressures, Temperatures , and Times - helps to achieve  Consistent Results 
  • 16" x 8" Platen 6061 Aluminum - FDA Approved Coatings - Food Safe
  • Capable of Squashing 230 Grams In A Single Press! 
  •  Less Time Pressing
  •  More Time Focusing on What Matters.
  •  Heat Resistant - Fire Safe Insulation
  •  Fork Lift Accessible 
  • 110v runs at 17 Amps 
  • Remote Operation
  • Two Stage Electric Pump
  •  UL Certified Parts 
  •  Limited Lifetime Warranty