Why Go Pro? with the Yeti Pro Series.

Why Go Pro?
It used to be that solventless extraction was only done in small, or craft batches. The solventless landscape, however, is quickly evolving and processors and extractors alike are starting to demand a more scalable approach to solventless.
Whether its commercial Hash pressing or Industrial Hemp pressing, we offer solutions that will get the job done with consistent results. The Yeti Pro Series, has been designed to help you achieve the perfect press every time and at a pace that is OPTIMUM for maximum efficiency.
These models were built to help commercial extractors use their time wisely. Enlarged plates, coupled with either 10, 55, or 200 TONS of pressure help make your work a breeze, and now takes less time than ever.
Yeti M1 – PRO SERIES – 10 Ton
Yeti -M1 PRO SERIES getting packaged and ready to ship
Equipped with 10 Tons of pressure, the M1 PRO SERIES gives you precision control over the pressure used  at any given time. Accurate pressure and temperature control is CRUCIAL for exceptional hash rosin and here, we give you both.
With an all new visual graphing function, you’ll be able to see how much pressure and time was used with each and every press, making repeat success SIMPLE.
Width: 8”
Height: 14”
Depth: 14”
4” x 8” Anodized Aluminum Plates – Hand pump recommended
The M1 PRO SERIES can press a half lb. of hash or kief in a single press, and can process 10 lb. in about an 1 hr.
Yeti 5.0 -  PRO SERIES – 55 Ton
 Yeti 5.0 – 55 Ton PRO SERIES being assembled in shop
The Yeti 5.0 – 55 Ton PRO SERIES comes equipped with an electric hydraulic pump capable of 55 TONS of force. This amount of pressure is necessary to get the most efficient yield when pressing up to a half lb. of Flower (227 g).
The Yeti 5.0 has larger plates than the 10-ton model to help accommodate the extra workload.
 Best suited for Large Commercial/Industrial THC Flower/CBD Biomass pressing.
 All Yeti PRO SERIES come equipped with digital touch screen with temperature & pressure read outs, and recipe recall.
The 55 Ton comes installed on a movable cart which gives you the freedom to move it around your solventless work space as you see fit
8” x 16” Anodized Aluminum Plates – Equipped with an Electric Hydraulic Pump
Width: 16”
Height: 60”
Depth: 45”
Weight: 700 LBS
The 55 Ton Yeti Pro Series can press 10 lbs of material in 1 hour or so, depending on workflow.
For more information on how to keep your experience efficient read this blog all about streamlining your workflow
Heavy Yeti – PRO SERIES – 200 Ton
Heavy Yeti - 200 Ton - PRO SERIES
The Heavy Yeti – 200 Ton Rosin Press was designed to help those with Acres of Hemp to process their material in a timely manner. With enough pressure to squash a full Kilo of material in under 5 minutes - . Squashing  up to 2.2 LBS in a single press has never been easier, or possible for that matter.
Just like its counterparts – it too comes fully equipped with a digital touch screen that tracks and logs each and every press. Comes with an Electric Hydraulic Pump
16” x 24”  Anodized Aluminum Plates – Equipped with an Electric Hydraulic pump
Height: 70”
Width: 32”
Depth: 45”
Weight: 5000 Lbs
The Heavy Yeti can press 10 lbs of material in about 20 - 30 minutes, depending on your workflow.
Each of these models were built to help you save more time, make more money, and help scale your solventless systems.
For more information or questions, shoot us an email or give us a call at 951.388.7735
The Family here at Sasquash is more than happy to help.
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